Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who pretends to be gay in order to become a roommate to his female friend, Park Kae In. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he’s known for his stoic poker face. He’s a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out women’s feelings. Kae In is very trusting even though she has a habit of being betrayed. However that doesn’t stop her from giving people the benefit of doubt and Jin Ho is no different. How will Kae In react when she finds out that her gay roommate is not actually gay at all and that he has fallen for her?

Cast Character

personal-taste-cast-11Park Gae In
Furniture Designer (Founder and CEO of the furniture brand “Moon” | Door )

One who has no steps and is constantly making mistakes and apologizing as well as getting hurt due to love. However a character that is always bright, determined through her actions and has an innocent spirit. park Gae In dreams of having a gay friend who has the same past (relationship problems) as her due to these painful relationship.

personal-taste-cast-2Jeon Jin Ho
Architectural Design

Due to one lie his perfect life goes wrong making him Gae In’s roommate. Hobies of tidying places and ironing, having a poker face for a specialty. A character who can notice/tell a woman’s feelings combined with having a polished image but rough personality

personal-taste-cast-3Han Chang Ryul
Architectural Design Office Chief

Gae In’s ex-boyfriend. One who doesn’t fall short in the aspect of appearance, education (school), family background and wealth, having nothing missing and a perfect holder of qualities. Work and love conflicts with Jin Ho but also talking about the truth. A character you cannot hate even if they are broken down.

personal-taste-cast-4Kim In Hee
Art Museum Curator

Having been Gae In ‘s friend for 10 years but a character that betrays her friend for love and pusher herself to get married to Chang Ryul as if she is the center of attention, with a snobby (materialistic) personality. Later she will become rivals with Gae In for Jeon Jin Ho

personal-taste-cast-5Kim Tae Hoon

Jin Ho’s college colleague and likes Jin Ho’s fiance Hye Mi.

A person that creates a misunderstanding to have Gae In think that Jin Ho is a gay as he knows that Hye Mi likes Jin Ho, in which Tae Hoon feels jealous and competitive.

personal-taste-cast-6Na Hye Mi

A miss who does not know how scary the worlds is or knows what love is, a typical “jeans” kind of girl. Through am incident with Jin Ho she is formally made as his fiance. Through Tae Hoon’s acts of love Hye Mi gain to see what real love is and forms a strange war relationship with In Hee



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